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COVID-19 Response Update

The most recent information can be found here on the SJY Connected Education Page. We are updating the FAQ on that page for continued updates.


St. Joseph School will observe Governor Wolf and the Pa Department of Health's order to remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.


St. Joseph School students were sent home on March 13, 2020 with all of their books prepared to continue their education from home.  Teachers worked overtime to prepare a connected education while we are physically separated. 

Mrs. Eck, Principal also shared this advice:

As we continue our SJY Connected Education, I would like to offer the top five points that I hope you carry with you to assist in carrying out daily expectations.  These few suggestions should get us through!

  1. Create a routine that fits your family.  We have scheduled online meeting times to reduce sibling conflicts and assist in family schedules.  Routine and consistency are very important!

  2. If your schedule does not fit the school’s, your student can access the recorded teacher instruction on their Google Classroom.  Check with your teacher if needed.

  3. After accessing the student’s learning plan for the day, decide where the “brain breaks” will be added.  Refreshing the “scenery” will help to move that work along. Engage in a different task for a short time to continue feeling productive.  House chores are a good option!

  4. “Slow and steady wins the race.” When the day or work seems to be getting away from you, STOP, regroup, and chunk tasks into smaller pieces. Remember, we have provided a flex day on Monday!

  5. The teachers of SJY are working diligently to provide students with instruction that will lead to strong growth and achievement.  Please honor them with a “professional” response.  Follow their directives and show your integrity by being “the best version of yourself!”

School Snapshot

Enrollment                                       285 students from 11 school districts & 4 Parishes

Grades                                              Preschool Age 3 – 6th grade

                                                          Middle States Accredited

Student:Teacher Ratio                    1:21 in grades 1 - 6

                                                          1:9 Kindergarten

Non-Catholic Enrollment                12%

% of Students with Financial Aid   49% (100% of the families who applied)

Extracurricular Activities                Band, Choir, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Cheerleading, 

                                                           Science Explorer Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and

                                                           Ignite Youth Ministry

Enrichment Program                       Yes

Specials                                             Art, Library, Music, Technology,

                                                            Physical Education & Spanish

Before and After-School Care         Yes

Values Based Learning

Our school is Christ-centered with a goal to provide the best spiritual formation for each child’s body, mind, and soul and to educate each student intellectually, spiritually, and morally.

High Graduation Rates

Over 98% of Harrisburg Diocese Catholic School students graduate from High School.

College Scholarships

Annually over $40 Million in scholarship funds are offered to graduates of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Harrisburg.


We Believe:

1. Every Child is a gift from God

2. Parents are the primary educators of their children

3. Teachers are a partner with the family in the educational process

4. Every person must be treated with dignity, respect, and care


5. The school is rooted in the life of the parish

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