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Learning Support


What is the mission of the Learning Support Program at St. Joseph's School?

The mission of the St. Joseph's School Learning Support Program is to identify and facilitate a successful learning environment for each student experiencing learning difficulties in the classroom.

What services/areas are under the umbrella of the Learning Support Program?

  • Reading

  • Math

  • Speech/Language

  • SST (Student Support Program)

Who is eligible for learning support?

Students in grades K thru 6 are eligible for the Learning Support Program.

How do you determine if a child is in need of learning support?

  • Teacher referrals, which are preceded by observation, running records, and parent conferences.

  • DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Students in grades K-3 are assessed three times per year and monitored regularly. Any student needing assistance will receive learning support class according to their individual needs.

  • Psychological testing which results in a documented learning disability with recommendations by a certified psychologist.

  • Speech/Language testing provided by an IU 12 teacher.

How often do students receive learning support?

Students come to class 1-5 times per week (20-30 minutes each period). This is determined by each student's individual needs.

Student Support Team

St. Josephs School has established a Student Support Team whose mission is to provide a supportive network to solve instructional and behavioral issues. The team promotes a caring and supportive atmosphere to benefit teachers, students and parents.

Who is part of the SST?

  • Principal, teacher or parent refers student to SST

  • Assessments of students behavior and academics are obtained

  • SST meets to brainstorm strategies to help student achieve success in the classroom.

  • SST chooses strategies to be used by classroom teachers/support teachers

  • Strategies are implemented, documented and reported

  • SST meets after 6-8 weeks to discuss student’s progress