Special Classes


The activities in the St. Joseph’s Art program increases the students’ fine motor skills and their perceptual awareness of the work around them. The curriculum is designed with an emphasis on a religious touch, by using seasonal, cultural, and Biblical themes for class projects. Plaster, leather, weaving, painting methods and other media are presented to the children to give them the opportunity to develop their artistic skills at their own pace and acquire an appreciation for the talents required to be a serious artist. Both the primary and the intermediate grades learn about the elements of art and the principles of design when doing their artwork. Artists, their lives, art styles, and artworks are discussed and imitated throughout the school year.



In addition to encouraging a love of literature, the library curriculum progresses through grade-appropriate concepts which address the organization of materials in a library. Each student will learn how to access information in print reference sources and on our computer system, evaluate information, and how to ethically use information. After each weekly lesson, students have time to select and borrow books from the library’s collection of over 2,000 different titles for their reading pleasure and to support learning in other classes.


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Music class at St. Joseph School supports both the National and Diocesan standards. Students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade attend class weekly to develop skills such as singing, playing instruments, reading music and rhythms, as well as singing solfege. In third grade, students learn to play the recorder in class and perform in the Spring Concert. Our fourth through sixth graders discover the application of these skills by learning about the instrument families, patriotic songs, genres of music, and music history. Students in fifth and sixth also learn to write and describe music and performances during each class. Each year the Christmas Show rotates between the Lower Hall and Upper Hall students.


Besides the weekly music class, students in grades fourth through sixth can also participate in the Joyful Sounds Choir and the School Band Program. These programs are a fun way to put what the students have learned in the classroom into practice during rehearsals. Each year the choir and the band perform during the Christmas concert and the Spring Concert and Art Show. The students have also played and sang at York Catholic High School and the York Revolution Baseball Game. Please see the Music Class Website for More information. http://pio.sjy.org/~falencki/



Physical Education

At St. Joseph School, students have physical education once a week for 50 minutes. The program has been designed to focus on three major areas that contribute to one's physical health and well being.


Movement concepts, taught in the early grades, focus on developing large motor skills, such as running, skipping, and hopping. Also, change of direction and speed and different ways to balance, jump and land. Skill themes such as throwing, kicking, volleying, and dodging are taught in the upper grades. The children are taught how to use fundamental skills in games and sports, and various forms of rhythmical movement. Wellness Concepts are taught throughout the program. They include healthy habits, healthy and unhealthy food choices, and ways to improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Students are provided with a wide range of lessons that are both beneficial and enjoyable.


Spanish classes are held once per week for grades K-6. Through discussion of topics of interest to students, creation of imaginative class characters, collaborative storytelling, and other interactive and engaging activities, students will acquire basic language skills. High frequency vocabulary and grammar are not taught in isolation, but rather emerge as needed. Basic prayers in translation will also be taught. The goals of the program are to gain basic language skills, to encourage an interest in further language study, and to promote an appreciation for other cultures. Please see the Spanish Class Website for more information. 



Weekly Technology classes are held for grades K-6 providing numerous opportunities for students to use age appropriate applications and websites. The goal is to integrate technology into the grade level curriculum's. The technology curriculum is based upon the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) and provides students with the skills they will need to succeed in their future educational endeavors. Computer basics and software are introduced in the first grade and built upon as the student matriculates through the ensuing grades. By the 6th grade, students will have the ability to choose the best applications, websites, or digital environments to independently complete projects and utilize technology to assist them in their daily lives.

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