We are most grateful for our community.

Here are a few comments from parents:

"We are so grateful for everything that both of our children's teachers have done so far. They have been amazing at responding to questions and emails, and at communicating with us. Additionally, they have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the children continue to receive strong instruction. We very much appreciate all that they have done and feel very blessed to have such wonderful teachers."


"Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you."


"The SJY teachers are doing great and I have no doubts they will be able to give our kids wonderful and meaningful education during this difficult time!"


"Saint Joseph has provided a much better home school plan and resources for my son than Penn State has for me. We are very grateful and enjoying the bonding that comes from all of this. Hopefully it is over soon!"


"We have been very happy with how everything has been handled so far. The teachers have gone above and beyond for the children. The phone calls and daily emails are so uplifting!! We have also enjoyed the extra activities that have been suggested in the emails- live streams of zoos, science YouTube videos, IXL, and especially the Epic! App. It’s just another way to keep the children engaged while making learning fun. While this situation isn’t ideal, my husband and I are extremely happy the school is putting safety first and keeping the children home."


"Thank you for all that you are doing during these difficult times. God bless."


"Thank you - we are very proud to be a part of the SJY community!"


"Mrs. Erb is doing a fantastic job. All together SJY has responded wonderfully to this challenge."



"I love the addition of websites and YouTube videos for the smaller kids. It breaks up the busy work."



"I am thankful that the Saint Joseph staff was proactive in planning, and although not ideal, I think the teachers are doing a great job creatively presenting relevant learning opportunities."

"Thank you to the entire school faculty for all your efforts in bringing education into the home."


"This is obviously an unprecedented situation and the teachers should be commended for their flexibility and efforts so far. Continue to utilize zoom to meet with the students, I know my kids have enjoyed it and like seeing their friends and teachers. 4th grade religion was a great example today of using a zoom session and treating it like a regular class where the topic was taught to the kids (Beatitudes). While this won't work for every class/every day it was a good break for the kids from reading/watching a video and trying to answer questions."


“Our St. Joseph School family just finished its first week of 'remote' learning. It was filled with many joys and accomplishments - from full remote instruction/curriculum daily, to staying connected with each other and our faith remotely, fun projects, virtual field trips, and so much more! Our faculty, staff, and school leadership continue to lead by example, making deliberate and meaningful efforts each day to reach across the distance to our children with compassion and positivity. We even had our first Zoom video gathering of my daughter's homeroom this morning - the excitement, relief, and utter happiness was on full display in each of the 24 students' and their teacher's faces. We will continue to do these things in the coming days, and look for additional ways to lift each other up in these uncertain times.”


“Midway through another week of FID (flexible instruction days) and my kids' respective schools continue to rock this. I am so impressed. Online tests, online teacher support, Zoom meetings, flexibility for families with working parents/older child caregivers, daily emails from our principals. That constant communication is so essential right now. Still lots of time for the kids to do other activities, lounge around, etc.
The schools did the hard work last year, getting approval from the state for FID by ensuring and demonstrating that all of our students have devices and access. So thankful that being a part of a small but mighty community allows this to be a reality for us. Our teachers are trailblazing their way through these unpreceded times and I can't help but think other institutions will be following their example. #SJYproud ”

"Thank you so much for taking the extra time out of your busy day to meet one-on-one with my son.  I appreciate your being flexible and understanding with our Zoom issues today.  I know how busy you are and to take the time to go back and re-teach to just him was so kind of you.  We truly appreciate it and you are just so wonderful with the kids.  My son really enjoys having you and we feel blessed that you are his teacher this year.  Everyone at St. Joes always goes above and beyond for the kids.  So thankful to be a part of this family!!!"

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